: Automotive Number Plate Recognizer



World vehicle location and statistics  by maker

Deep vision technology(Deep learning+Vision). World best accuracy (99.4%).

Robust to weather conditions and high noises

Plate localizer
Deep vision technology localizer to be used with 3rd party recognizer
(low cost and high accuracy)
GPU server 
for scalable GPU service with virtualization(transaction basis)
Plate generator 
Fake plates generator for deep learning training
Edge device based ANPR and detection
High accurate ANPR and object detection without GPU
(low cost and high accuracy)
IDS : Incident Detection System

• Detects Incidents that can result in traffic accidents in tunnel, or road

 - Pedestrian in tunnel

 - Stop/Wreckage of vehicle

 - Driving in opposite(wrong) direction

 - Fallen objects (Box, garbage)







• High accuracy and performance incident detection solution

 - Deep learning powered object detection

 - Tracking object

 - Algorithm to judge incident type

 - Reduce false alarm

 - Manage incident record

Vehicle detection 

• Distinguish cars from major 37 manufacturers

• Simultaneous identification of Vehicle brand and recognization of license plate in edge device using deep learning

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