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K-Mask Detector & K-social Distancing

K - mask detector
Identifying wearing mask and ID using vision with AI

To wear mask is critical to prevent prevalence of COVID-19. K-mask detector uses vision technology based on artificial intelligence to identify if a person or persons wear mask of not. If there is a incident not wearing mask , the person and time stamp is logged with image and ID is identified for the effective control of non-masked person. 

We provide AI engine for detecting mask wearing and identification based upon PC/server/edge based solutions.
K-social Distancing
Detecting cases of 2m social distance violation using AI.

Social distancing is critical to control of prevalence of COVID-19 in open space. K-GEO distancing engine detects violation of social distancing using artificial intelligence. 
K-covid Suite

Web based dashboard to analyses statistics of mask-wearing violations of entrances, and social distancing violation  in time and spots.
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